The sun disappears beneath the horizon
on the far edge of an ocean 
transcendent energy
Its bright orb evolves 
into a lush plume of color 
against the sky 
Your beauty is that color 

It glows 
through a prism called daylight 
transforming shades of contrast and mood
through merits of joy
Your heart reflects
compassions potential
beating in polyphonic oneness 
with all sentient beings
paying homage at days end to
the last rays of the sun
as they project tranquility
upon the hemisphere of trees

The night moves closer
evenings shadow
but you rest now 
on twilights edge
in the soft haze of      
a soon distant day

Close your eyes
imagine you are floating
In the very space you sit or lay
the material that surrounds you
its structure becomes void of form
dissipating into the realm of sublime emptiness

Words, discussions, distractions, obligations, 
encountered today float in a similar manner
but they too have no substance
Just passing thoughts in 
a masquerade of illusions 

You begin to feel a sense of inner light
emanating from your vibrant and now buoyant heart 
Your heart glows with this light as it too floats
freed from attachment to unclaimed emotion

The days negative and positive associations
appear as well but they too float away
turning pages in a circular story 
this moment, present
balance restored
your energy renews

As your body and mind drift gently in the void
you begin to hear the song of all sacred sound
chanted by a thousand Buddhas 
sung in harmony by arc angels
recited by all the prophets
composed with the light
that illuminates total darkness

You watch as their collective hands weave
infinite shawls of comforting wisdom
with the golden threads of light
They beckon you to receive their gift 

You comply taking solace under a healing shawl
that appears like wings
Sweet, soft, strong, fluid like nectar
which rest upon your shoulders
its touch creates a current that nourishes your life energy
As you breathe draw it closer 
It's warmth is like no other
Total immersion

Vibration shines in all direction
pulsing harmonic embrace
through your atomic levels
Into and out of all existence
healing within you and beyond your body

Reflections of radiance return
aligning pathways of knowing
Ambient recognition 
of your natural self 
that exists within the tapestry 
and beauty of all sentient beings

The wind returns to the ocean
carrying the days allure
Your calm eyes open 
to the tides of twilight

© daniel lauter