Depending on the needs of the group as whole and available time, we may focus deeper or less deeply on on any one aspect.  
Should this occur, or if you would like more in depth knowledge or clarity pertaining to any practices please feel free
to reach out. I always offer follow up included in each workshop: Contact me at

Please also use this link in bold below to open my main website for further resources, it will open up in a new window so you can remain in this
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Meditation DJ Resource Pages

If you have an iPhone or iPad, please go to this next link, copy the URL to your device, or just open it on your device and download Meditation
DJ App.  We use it during part of the workshop.  It is free, a beta version, and is really fun to use at home or in the classroom to create
beautiful ambient sound. These are actually many sounds I use to compose with, they are my musical instruments, so it is a curated collection.
Link to the App is here

For those of you who enjoy participating in Facebook groups, my college Vanessa and I curate a non-commercial group called Mindful Sync.  We are continuously posting relevant and current articles on Mindfulness, Meditation and related topics.  Please feel free to join, post, discuss, participate.
The link is here:
Mindful Sync Facebook Group


INTRODUCTION:   This is a differentiated approach to the teaching of Mindfulness practices.  
We use basic tenets of Breathing, Seeing, Listening, Speaking, Vibrating, Teaching


Breath is something we do naturally and its practice brings nutrients to your body. Diaphragmatic, or belly breathing, and conscious intent breathing are great de-stressors! Breath can also be used as a conduit in an integrated way with image, imagination, sound and vibration. This combination helps to bring out the positive virtues that one innately comes into life with - compassion, heart, unconditional love. When approached with proper intent these integrations open new doors and windows as individual or group entry points for the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.  By practicing these differentiated approaches and methods you gain new insights and tools to benefit your own practice and to help others. 

We start with conscious breathing, realizing energy flow, creating healing and positive intent; work with visualizations to help transform emotions. You can use media and technology to accompany and create play with sounds and images and that can transform a physical space or ones inner mind in positive ways. To go deeper next we awaken our Sound Bodies through toning, our natural given instrument, as well as beautiful sound tools like tuning forks and Tibetan Bowls, crystal bowls, ocarinas, didjeridu, chimes. These tools are powerful 'Sacred Sounds' that can have positive vibratory physcho acoustical affect, felt all the way through our cellular structure and central nervous system, entraining our mind. We experience the stillness in between sounds doing giving and receiving.  Then we can also combine deep listening and seeing with In The Moment breathing using our in and out breath to generate calming of mind. Visual and thought flow can be practiced through Blue flower and Waterfall Dreaming Meditations.  Please allow yourself some time to experience and experiment, enjoy!

OPENING:   Our first moments of stillness, entrainment, recognizing patterns of thought,
slowing down

BREATHING: Awareness of breath, using your mind and intent to direct the flow of breathing, conscious breathing for healing,
grounding and focus. We explore generating energy, and we offer practices encompassing simple breathing exercises to restore, detect and
break up blockages, relax, calm, and enhance each moment. The breath can be used to open passages within your body to bring about wellness.  
There are times you can go without water and food or sleep, but not without breath!  Mindfulness allows us to feel the natural joy in breathing.  

Awakening prana
Diaphragmatic breathing
Generating positive energy fields
Breath wind clearing space
Opening the breath canal
Stillness breathing
Conscious breathing
Clarity of thoughts
Transforming Emotions

SEEING: Awareness of sight, to see beyond objects and discover their true nature, one experiences inter-being.  If each moment is
viewed in a non-judgmental manner it allows that which is illusion to flow past and your focus begins to calm.  Sight and thoughts are like
rivers within you.  At first they rush, like a waterfall but with practice they become still, like an ocean with no waves. It is in these moments of
stillness that you awaken your innate 'Buddha nature', feel joy and compassion, which connects you with all beings, to see the subtle magic
and wonder. The boundaries of self begin to dissolve and you start to connect deeply with that which is around you.  

Blue Flower Meditation
Calming visual chatter
Seeing beyond ordinary visual to details we may often miss or do not notice
Experiencing stillness of each moment
In the moment - Visualize breathing in and breathing out, imagining at the 'Waterfront'
Practice to be fully aware with recall of all senses
Seeing, hearing, taste, touch, aromatics, intuition, all leave memory imprints
Visualize breathing in and breathing out, imagining in the 'Dunes, Forrest, Lake, Mountain, City'

LISTENING:  Listening with the intent to say something back or listening to actually understand and have true compassion are different aspirations. One can cause suffering, the other, healing. To develop virtue in your ability to be there for others is the beginning step to unconditional love. Whether in negotiations, relationships, friendships or collaborations, those who truly listen with this intent can hear beneath the surface. Awareness
of listening focuses on the harmonies and rhythms of your body, mind and surroundings, creating holism and wellness.

Storytelling - Mindful Terminology
The Mindful Child stories
Creating our stories through visual symbology
Use of indigenous symbols depicting family, community, land
Mindful imagery - Butterfly, Hummingbird, Sun setting - image and word poetry
Mandalas in Storytelling

SPEAKING:  We use the elements of nature, inspiration of mind and body and true joy of being in each moment fully and with bliss
to express our beauty and feelings. Discover alternatives to falling into the trap of using your voice for purposes of mis-communication and
cynicism. Explore the power of your voice, compassion, and kindness, and allow yourself to say what you feel in a depersonalized way.
Healing for working teams, parent/child relationships, couples or inner conversation with the nature of your true being.

Aspirations & setting intent
Awakening our Sound Body
Sympathetic vibration of words, intent and sound
Waterfall Dreaming
Your Natural Self
Blue Lapis
The First Rays of The Sun

VIBRATING:  The world is sound.  By awakening our 'Sound Body', you become aware and can tune into your internal flow of life
energy, to recharge, revitalize!  Everything in the universe vibrates. Each cell, each molecule can deeply re-energize.  By using music and
sound tools that have unique acoustical qualities you resonate and create sublime states of calm, with profound effects. They entrain your
central nervous system. You re-align, attain deep relaxation, and are able to create healing imprints to enhance both sleep and waking

Sound tools, Tuning forks, Crystal Bells, Tibetan Bowls, Meditation DJ App
Giving and receiving
Interactively experiment and play with sounds


Mindful Walking meditation
Creating and playing with positive energy fields to work with emotion
Transforming emotion
Painting rainbows
Zen arrow
Mindfulness in Sports motion and warm ups

TEACHING:  In closing, to teach contemplative practices of Mindfulness is truly a beautiful virtue. Whether receiving or giving, to understand and benefit from the lineage of these aspirations will deepen your understanding. By embedding this knowledge into your daily practices you gain wisdom. Knowledge in itself is subject to momentary accuracy.  Understanding of impermanence, separation of yourself from your thoughts, compassion and unconditional love, giving and receiving, will open your mind and create new clarity in its approach.  You begin to balance emotion, gain lifelong skills of true joy and share in the benefiting of others.

Closing Meditations 

Realizing Your Collective Aspirations
Sound Baths