The Mindful Child Storytellings

Six Storytellings for young children


i love to breathe

My heart, your heart

i can hear the birds sing

i am a mighty tree

i love your smile

your reflection




I love to breathe.

When I was born the first thing I did was breathe.
It felt so good!

The other morning I imagined I was breathing in rainbows.
Every color was yummy.

I had a dream that I was breathing out love
to everyone my eyes could see.

All my animal friends love to breathe.
My kitty purrs when he breathes.
My friends puppy wags her tail when she breathes.

Sometimes if I get mad I forget to breathe.
My shoulders get scruntchy.
My mouth makes a frown.

Then I remember I love to breathe!
I take a slow soft breath in and
make a gentle breath out.
And soon I feel better!

I went for a walk with my Mom. 
We sat next to a waterfall.  
I breathed in the fresh air,
ahhhhh !

My dad has a bell.
It has a beautiful sound.
Sometimes I pretend that
if I close my eyes
I can breathe in the sound.

I picture it going all the way
from my mouth
through my tummy and
into my toes.
It makes me feel good inside!

I can practice counting
when I breathe.
I made a game.
I count in my head to two as I breathe in.
Then I count in my head to four as I breathe out.
It is very relaxing.

There is a pretty garden at school.
If I imagine I can see each flower
as I breathe.
They smell so nice.

I love to breathe!

I can stretch my hands up to the sky
as I breathe.
I can reach down and touch the ground
as I breathe.

I can gently move my arms and make butterfly wings
as I breathe.

I can even sit as still as a frog
as I breathe.

But, best of all,
I can imagine
the whole world
breathing together!

And that makes me
very, very, happy!
Because I love
to breathe with you!