The anticipation of morning 
Vibrant arrays of sunlight drift
into the palms of your hands, renewed

Songbirds echo its presence
as you receive sweet melody 
Breathe gently 
its pulse embraces the beat 
of your near sleeping heart

Your presence awakens
from the rhythm of night
as you lay, within the void
Stretch your mind 
through the crystal clear stillness 

Imagine your hands form a bowl of light
just above your center of gravity
it floats effortlessly within the emerging sunlight
beckoning the moonlight to its next moment

Focus on the warm glow within your hands
emanating,  translucent 
This bowl is both giver and receiver
it nourishes and joins with your life energy
Bring its healing into your inner being
using deep, gentle, expansive breaths in
Release similar slow focused breaths out 
with healing intent
into the center of your still cupped hands

Visualize it forming a sacred spiral 
gently expanding and contracting
that fills and un-fills the space around you
creating intricate patterns of butterfly wings
that soar out into the dawn
floating carefree upon the winds
Your mind follows 
freed from constraint
exploring lifelines
on the hands of wisdom.

Your body is blissful
still between states
of sleep and illusion
You close your eyes
just for another moment
wakeful to the potential
of each new breath

In your minds eye
you see that the emanating warmth 
is now a spiraling light and forms
a beautiful sphere of vibrant color
encompassing the entire horizon
within a crystalline portal
where you can see your infinite path 
in the circles of life
You take comfort knowing of this place.

Continue slow long breaths
into and out of your diaphragm 
the deep breathing muscle
As the patterns of color 
contract and expand 
you direct your breath 
to form a helix with the light
sending pulses of healing energy
directly through the center of the spiral 
connecting all points
within all sentient beings
on your inner meridian.
All paths within one path

You are recharging 
clearing any obstacles you face
dissipating delusions that may intervene 
The pulse of vibrant color has now made
An axis clear into the center of the earth
back up through you and outward to all realms
pausing below to create
the most grounded place
at your deepest center of energy
a gift from yourself
to use as you view your encounters of this day 
which you have lived before in the dreamtime

© daniel lauter