"Daniel Lauter creates a magical atmosphere in his meditation workshops. Gentle vibrational sounds, visual images, the tone of his voice and a calming environment, blend together to re-energize and bring inner peace. After completing a workshop with Daniel, I feel like I can be fully present in the moment in my life. I always leave with the tools to create "calm" in my day. This is truly a gift."

- Karen Ager, Learning Specialist

Cert. Business Studies, B.Ed, ELIC, Grad. Dip Wellness, Master of Wellness


"As a college counselor, I often urge my students to stay in the moment. When I notice that they are particularly anxious about pending SAT score results, upcoming interviews, college application essays or just feeling the apprehension and uncertainty of what awaits them on the other side of their graduation date, I ask them to take a moment to breath. I encourage them to sit and be in their skin, in my office, in a chair for a few minutes. I invite them to envision a peaceful place, a blue flower, or I let the room fill with the sound of ocean waves or tender notes from a soft flute as they inhale and exhale. These practices help immensely and students leave my office feeling more relaxed, more aware and more at ease about their future. I did not get to this place or this practice overnight. I have studied Buddhism and mindfulness off and on since 2006 but it wasn’t until last year that I felt comfortable bringing this practice into my work space and using it with my students. Daniel Lauter is the reason for that comfort. 

My conversations with Daniel about meditation, mindfulness and its healing rewards began almost 4 years ago. Daniel was very open and welcoming when I joined the community at UNIS and I was instantly drawn to his gentle spirit and the kind way he communicates. Last spring, he converted his media lab into a meditation/mindfulness space for our students during their exams and so many of my students raved about it. Several students, new to meditation, visited this new sacred space numerous times during our testing periods and eagerly shared with me the positive affects it had on their stress and anxiety level. This year, during one of our professional development days, Daniel created the same sacred space for faculty and staff. He led us through several very simple mediations and taught us how to use instruments, visualizations and music to aid in our practice. One of the most amazing things about Daniel’s session is that it was FULL. I was so happy to see coaches, administrative assistances, and teachers all in attendance learning, breathing, appreciating, and meditating together. It was by far the best professional development session of my career. Daniel’s sessions and dedication to mindfulness practice has now permeated our community. Thanks to him, I have a foundation on which to stand when counseling students. We are all speaking the same language regarding health and wellness practices and our students now readily embrace moments of silence, they understand the importance of being here now, and relish any chance to speak, walk and breath mindfully. Daniel has greatly impacted our school on every level and we are so very lucky to have him as part of our community. I hope that his creativity and ingenuity will benefit others through his newly designed mindfulness apps and that many more people will embrace this practice as we all move through our busy lives – breath by breath."

- Maude Bond

Associate Director of College Counseling

United Nations International School


"I found the session with you very eye opening and helpful.  I usually find my inner peace and tranquility in nature ... in the Metro NY area and the hectic environment of daily living, it is difficult to relax and refresh myself as the country with my favorite relaxation activities are so far away.  You gave me insight into something I can use even on my daily commute!"

- Jonathan Gage - Physical Education Teacher


"Without exaggeration, this has been, in my opinion, one of the best things organized ... since I came to the school three years ago. This week has been especially stressful for me, because I was helping with the lighting for the Theater Workshop, and I was never able to get more than 5 hours of sleep every night. Even if I only stayed 20 minutes in the room, I came out feeling a lot more relaxed and also more energetic for the rest of my day. Several times I have stayed for longer than 1 hour, and I really cannot find the words to explain how good it felt to be able to do that at school.

The music was extremely relaxing, I especially loved that we could add some sound effects ourselves, my personal favorite was the natural water sound which really calmed me down. I also loved the images being projected and the lighting gave this soothing feeling to the whole room.  I could go on about this for hours, but I just wanted to say how much I loved this idea and I really hope you will organize this again!  Thank you for this amazing opportunity."

- Ella, T4 Student


I thought the Meditation Week was a great idea! It allowed me to relax both mentally and physically. It made me less stressed and more able to focus in class and for that I'd like to thank you!

- Nastassia, T4 Student


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING THAT ZEN ROOM! It was such an amazing experience.  I feel so relaxed and I have a ton of positive energy; I'm even enthusiastic to go to the rest of my classes now... I'll be back!

 - Maude, T4 Student


I was only able to go once but thought is was wonderful. Having a stress-free area in school was an incredible idea, especially because learning is more than just memorizing numbers. It is about reflection and self awareness and the room you all put together provided a space for us to do this. Thank you so much, 

- Anastasia,  Bard College student