Differentiated Mindfulness™ practices establish deep mind/body integrated connections.  You breathe, listen, see, speak, vibrate, feel and communicate within a mindful framework. To bring wellness into everyday practice, we engage and educate individuals and groups, leading in mindfulness, stress reduction, mind-expansion and calming techniques, through a differentiated, customized approach. We specialize in mindfulness meditation, sound therapy, immersive audiovisual guided meditation, and storytelling. We cultivate creative expression through personal training and self-healing environments that connect the mind and body. Our curated practices engage in both scientific and wisdom based principles. This creates environments that promote well being, harmony, compassionate thought and action.

I customize mindfulness curriculum, and offer enhancements to existing curriculum to get more buy in, run professional development retreats and in class lessons on ways to use mindfulness practices. Your school can benefit. Here are a few possibilities!

• working with your wellness, guidance and student success teams on effective ways to incorporate mindfulness.

• mentoring student councils on mindful leadership, mindfulness concepts and peer implementation.

• establishing expanded, age appropriate classes for lower, middle, upper division students.

• leading mindfulness community assemblies, and meditation clubs. 

• facilitating workshops on stress reduction and reducing academic or social anxieties.

• parent’s association introductions on family mindfulness best practices. 

• offering professional development training for teachers on mindfulness based classroom lessons. 

• creating ambient audio or visual tools for better classroom learning. 

• introducing meditation to philosophy classes and introducing other curricular tie ins.

• individualized, inter-active, mindfulness web pages.

• Workshops on using breathwork sound for reduction of stress, lessening of anxieties, and to develop better focus and clarity

"We very much appreciate the outstanding work that you did with our counselors and students - the seventh inning stretch and BLISS
are great foundations from which we can build." - Kim Lapple, Byram Hills, HCC Middle School Principal

“The feedback was extremely positive, and both students and Deans walked away with concrete strategies of how to incorporate mindfulness
into their daily lives… We appreciate your support, and look forward to having more of these experiences in the future”
- Oren Losepovici, Scarsdale High School, Director of Counseling

This image is Mountain Meditation, to develop resilience.

Click on image below for school site page. Password is ‘mindfulshs’

Professional Development

"Dan's experience with mindfulness training and education was clearly evident when he led training workshops for both our teachers and students ... in classroom settings and in a larger assembly. In addition to having broad knowledge about age-appropriate techniques and exercises, Dan is well versed in the current research on mindfulness." - Hunter College High School

"Dan Lauter has been integral in the introduction of mindful techniques in both our middle and upper grades. Dan’s deep passion and thorough knowledge has made him a very popular and often sought after member of our wellness team. Students of all grades have given both him and us extremely positive feedback regarding the techniques employed to help negotiate the stresses of school and teenage life. He has provided professional development for our wellness staff who have taken on board mindful techniques to improve their own wellbeing as well as the students they teach." - Avenue World School


NYSAIS Teacher Professional Development Workshop @ ABC Home,    click here for details


Meditation Club students at The United Nations International School



ONE-ON-ONE and GROUP SESSIONS for PERSONAL AND professional development

With 30+ years of experience in wellness and teaching, we design custom curricula and learning modules for education and business development




Awareness of breath, using your mind and intent to direct the flow of breathing, conscious breathing for healing, centering, grounding one's self and better focus. We offer practices encompassing simple breathing exercises to restore, relax, calm, and enhance each moment. The breath can be used to bring about wellness. There are some times you can go without water food or sleep, but not without breath! Practicing Mindfulness allows us to feel the natural joy in breathing. 



Discover alternatives to falling into the trap of using your voice for purposes of mis-communication and cynicism. Explore the power of your voice, compassion, and kindness, and allow yourself to say what you feel in a depersonalized way. Transformational for working teams, parent/child relationships, couples or inner conversation with the nature of your true being.


Listening with the intent to say something back or listening to actually understand and have true compassion are different aspirations. One can cause suffering, the other, healing. To develop your ability to be there for others is the  first beginning step to unconditional love. Whether in negotiations, relationships, friendships or collaborations, those who truly listen with this intent can hear beneath the surface. Awareness
of listening focuses on the harmonies and rhythms of your body, mind and surroundings, creating holism and wellness.



The world is sound.  By awakening our 'Sound Body', you become aware and can tune into your internal flow of life force, to recharge, revitalize!  Everything in the universe vibrates. Each cell, each molecule can deeply re-energize.  By using music and sound tools that have unique acoustical qualities you resonate and create sublime states of calm, with profound effects. They entrain your central nervous system. You re-align, attain deep relaxation, and are able to reprogram neurological paths, making imprints to enhance both sleep and waking moments. 


Awareness of sight, to see beyond objects and discover their true nature, one experiences inter-being.  If each moment is viewed in a non-judgmental manner it allows that which is illusion to flow past and your focus begins to calm.  Sight and thoughts are like rivers within you.  At first they rush, like a waterfall but with practice they become still, like an ocean with no waves. It is in these moments of stillness that you awaken your innate 'Buddha nature', feel joy and compassion, which connects you with all beings, to see subtle magic and wonder. The boundaries of self begin to dissolve and you start to connect deeply with what or who is around you. 


To teach contemplative practices of Mindfulness is truly a beautiful virtue. Whether receiving or giving, to understand and benefit from the lineage of these aspirations will deepen your awareness. By embedding this knowledge into your daily practices you gain wisdom. Knowledge in itself is subject to momentary accuracy.  Understanding of impermanence, separation of yourself from your thoughts, compassion and unconditional love, giving and receiving, will open your mind and create new clarity in its approach.  You begin to balance emotion, gain lifelong skills of true joy and share in the benefiting of others.