How can you best use sound to reduce stress, deeply relax and for mind/body wellness? Musician and Integrative Sound Therapist, Daniel Lauter, will help get you started! He uses a practice called Immersive Sound Baths.  

What’s an Immersive Sound Bath?  Sound Baths are super fun and very soothing immersive sound meditations that use instruments and objects d’sound specifically for deep relaxation, reduction of stress, lessening of anxieties and for many, as a means of self healing, mind/bodywellness and personal transformation.  Sound meditations are based on one of the fundamental threads in the universe, that all things vibrate. These vibrations travel, creating beautiful melodies, harmony and resonance. The sound waves are absorbed through the mechanics of the ears, the skin, through bone conduction, and also can be felt on a deep molecular level through the strong vibrations. The whole body "listening" to these sounds creates sympathetic vibrations that are felt in our central nervous system.  You awaken and stimulate what is referred to as your 'Sound Body’.  It is like you are tuning your body and mind.  This process reduces cortisol levels, stimulates the production of beneficial nitric oxide, lowers blood pressure, reduces your heart rate and allows you to quickly reach relaxing brain waves states. These sounds when combined with meditative breathing, on a neurological level, allow a circuit to switch in your brain that helps you go into deep relax mode.  I offer interactive workshops to allow you to explore and delve into these sounds to see what they feel like and experience their positive effects! 

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