Mindfulness Practices for Better Classroom Learning
I will be facilitating an experiential and fun introductory workshop on differentiated practices for the teaching of Mindfulness        

May 27th, 10:15 - 3:45,
We will learn very accessible methods to practice and teach, with break out groups to try each out. Focus will be on basic tenets of Mindful breathing, seeing, listening, speaking, vibrating and teaching. These will be age appropriate through lower, middle and upper divisions, and will include practices you and your students, families, can do in the classroom or at home.


Relaxation and Conscious Breathing, Experiencing Silence
Generating Awareness through Seeing and Being In The Moment
Awakening Your Sound Body Through the Use of Sound Tools and Vocal Toning
Listening, Speaking and Visualizing Through Storytelling and Symbology
Working With Positive Energy and Affirmations
Transforming Negative Emotions Through Compassion Circles 
Zen Motion, The Use of Mindfulness In Walking, Motion, Sports Focus and Preparation
Mindfulness and Connectivity through Media and App Technology 

Participants will leave this workshop with new approaches; day-to-day practices, and a deeper understanding through experiential methods, of how to reduce stress and anxiety, generate true feelings of compassion and positive aspirations for themselves and others. This in turn will activate and renew their own energy flow and ability to teach this to students. Resources will be made available online including access to creative visualizations, written works, audio recordings and apps with beautifully relaxing sound tools to use in mindfulness meditation sessions.  They will be more confident with both their understanding and tool belt resources. Links to active peer groups for staying connected to a network of professionals in the field doing similar work will also be provided