Meditation and Mindfulness meet Media ! FOR STUDENTS: April 2014 

The Media Studio at the United Nations International School ran a week long installation for students where they could interactively enjoy soothing, calming and meditative sound and visual immersion.  Equipped with a large screen, surround sound system and comfy carpet, participants entered to find a great balance between low tech and high tech.  A serene sound track played in the background in 5-1 surround sound while beautiful images of nature's expanse, projected.  Tibetan bowls placed in the center were available to play. Just sitting in this atmosphere created the mood but they took it a step further.  Two macbook Pro's set up with Ableton Live and Push controllers that had original high quality recorded sounds of Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bells, Ocarinas, Handbells, Wind Chimes, Rainsticks, Didjeridu were all made available as sample loops at the push of a button for people to play and to interact with the space.


Daniel Lauter, the Media Studio's creator, who teaches workshops and composes music for meditation and yoga outside of school provided the original sounds from his personal collection. He envisions a time where this type of space is always available in an educational and work setting!   The benefits of meditation and deep relaxation are vast and more and more scientific studies are being produced indicating these benefits.  These include reduction of stress, enhancement of focus, creativity and attention, joy, compassion and kindness, better productivity, and a sense of well being. These all lead to long term inner calmness and increased ability to cope and flow with the dynamic of day to day events around you. Lauter's vision is to use this combination of mindfulness and media to connect students with each other using interactive video conferencing in the Studio with students in other international schools.  By tapping into the 'six degrees of separation' and global connection of families and students, he hopes to facilitate reciprocal waves of positive energy and compassion.


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