Minitations™ present mindfulness strategies in hilarious, engaging 60-second vignettes

Everyone Needs A 'Mindful Dan' !

Stress lurks in every corner of a man’s life, but Brian (Jones) has a secret weapon: the brilliant, insightful advice of his mini-meditation guru, “Mindful Dan” Lauter, aka Meditation DJ. You won’t believe where Mindful Dan will pop up next!  Minitations™ are mindfulness meditations for people on the go! They can be sounds to listen to or self produce, like ’toning’; or practices to clear your mind to see deeply. You can use mindful breathing techniques, focus on resilience, sit in stillness or even meditate in motion! It's all about your intent to generate awareness of your mind/body in each moment. They're all super effective. Episode 1, Road Rage;  Episode 2, Sleepless;  Episode 3,, Mojo Resilience;  Episode 4, Overload Alert

Daniel Lauter, aka Mindful Dan, Meditation DJ is a Wellness Educator and Mindfulness Instructor. He is seen above on a new lifestyle show pilot, a series of four episodes, as part of #TheBettterManShow, with host Brian Jones.  The Better Man Show features a comical & entertaining cast of experts helping guys, & the people that love them, manage stress, fitness, sex & their life! Mindful Dan introduces meditations for people on the go, which he calls Mini-tations,

The show pilot was featured nationally and on channel 2CBS in the NY area. Episodes 1 and 2, are on road rage, insomnia, stress reduction. Episodes 3 and 4, are on Resilience, Mojo, Focus and Calm. Mindful Dan also appeared on Episode 2, with tips on #Stressors, #Emotions, #Seeing, #Perception, and #SportsWarmup.  For show pilot info go to

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on the set! Behind the scenes, green screen shoot!