Mindfulness Meditation, Sound BATHS

stress management, relaxation, focus, clarity, reducing anxieties,
transforming emotions

Discover what ways suit you best! All of these are simple and very effective! Including:

  • Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

  • Differentiated practices that help you mindfully breath, see, listen, vibrate, communicate, teach

  • De-stress, transform negative emotions and awaken your vital enegry

  • Help control mental or visual distraction

  • 30, 60, and 90 min sessions

Wonderful practices that you can hear, see or feel !  

  • sound meditations and sound baths

  • feeling stillness through breath and calm abiding

  • focusing on awareness of natural breath - a beautiful way to focus on something you do every moment

  • creating compassion for self and others, transforming negative emotions

  • awakening vital energy flow, revitalizing, mind and body focus

  • conscious breathing - a truly helpful way to clear blockages in your energy flow

  • deep listening, entraining rhythms, beautiful harmonies and lush vibrations

These are great for meditation, relaxation, reduction of stress, enhanced sleep, focus, creativity, grounding and restoration of your natural self!

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