Poetic and Guided Meditations


Poetic and Guided Meditations

Your True Self

Your True Self



The day is like a hummingbird 

Moving in all directions

Darting glimpses of past endeavors

Propelling forward moment by moment

Inspiring magic to those in its path


You pause

in the stillness

of a wishful dream


aromatic essence

from sweet scents

reminiscent soothing touch


A ripple of air

glides through your memory

carrying a sense that you have been here before

Perception and periphery merge

creating clarity in your thoughts


Soft edges form horizon lines

Perspective shifts 

to that once unnoticed

You look closely


A dragonfly perches 

on the pinnacle of life

Balancing vastness 

midstream in flight

Continuous generations 

transmit wisdom

enduring wings 

delicate, skillful

land on emptiness 

creating bursts of color

shining, sparkling

Beams of magic

transcending joyful light


You glow in the

frequency of this light

vibrating like a

a beautiful sound 

Inter being

in a tapestry of all sounds


Bring your awareness

to this manifestation of

vibrating light

Center your energies

as you imagine

you are beating in harmony

emanating radiance

A melodious song

in a continuous score 

known as your true self

Played by the call of each bird 

the ambience of the wind 

and the sound of ocean waves


Allow your mind to drift upon

these waves 

Coming closer

with calming breaths

in and out like tides of the moon


Faces, events, perspective

gently float by you

transparent images 

The current becomes the past 

Mind and thoughts

slowly fade apart 

From your impressions

the motion of your senses

paints stillness like mirrors

where skipping stones pause


You come upon a sea of horizons

and sense a brilliant vortex 

parallel to your existence

The illumination of a sunlit being

smiles upon your soul

Alluring, empowering

giving offerings of pure love

deeply aware 

of the path you followed


Your breath heightens

absorbed by this moment,

Touched by compassion's hand

golden rays of light enter your eyes


silken, and serene


Look beyond

her translucence 

Time drifts into a momentary haze

imagine an expanse

empty of thought

yet filled with all knowledge


Soothing rays from your heart

begin to solarize

the outline of her appearance

creating form and its dissolution 

deeply penetrating, 

Sublime healing energy

grounds your body

freeing your awareness

to shine within


With slow long gentle breaths in

and expanded breaths out

imagine yourself surrounded by this

warm sphere of light

Feel the glow of your true existence

in its natural state

divine embodiment

a perfect balance

of mystical proportion

You look towards these horizons

in the four great directions

To the North, the South, the East and the West

Infinitely above and deep within, below

projecting light from your heart 

through the palms of your hands, 


Appearing before you

are more radiant beings 

of all colors and size

Beams of energy

with circular 

rainbow structure



bringing light out of the darkness

They begin to spiral upward gently

Slowly reaching towards the sky

creating open portals of self discovery


Within their layered rings

you see translucent images

Some appear familiar

Others you will soon know 

Shifting manifestations of the same

light that is within you now

some are the thoughts from

moments of your dreams

at the right place in their own time


Each radiates and emanates warmth

You feel in your heart

in your calm breath

the purity of your own creative being


Light ohms

from your centers of energy

Millions of rays of color

in patterns of crystalline awareness

Arrays projected outward 


You exhale grounding into the earth 

It reflects your breath inward

through tunnels of knowledge

sounding a sacred ahh 

between your meridians

as it travels 

within your inner chambers

Resonating, balancing 

changing color 

Your aspirations ripen

Your clarity becomes virtuous

Your mind an illusion

separate from your thoughts

Self becomes selfless


Your true mind has infinite potential

Enter your mind with soft slow breaths

Yours is a reflection 

of all sentience 

past present and future


Your hands have infinite potential

Feel the warmth of a healing touch

Draw the energy within you

Gently release it out 

to all who you bestow 

with a gesture of compassion


Your heart has infinite potential

pumping life force 

into every dream and aspiration 


Your eyes have infinite potential

They see the color of light

Soften your eyes

so they may feel wonder again


There is no duality

You exist within this state

of truth and breath

Your natural self 

a perfect manifestation

as limitless 

as the transformation of time

A river whose current never stops

Allow it to breathe

and expand outward as you relax back

into the space around you


The story that is you

Is told once more

Gaze into the eyes 

of a new beginning


© daniel lauter

Blue Lapis

Blue Lapis



Relax your body and open your heart
Listen with intent to the vibrations of sound
as they move within your space 
around you and beyond you

Breath gently, slowly and with mindful purpose, to the sustain of each note
Allow yourself to use your diaphragm,  your deep breathing muscle
Let it fill and expand and contract slowly outwards as you release your breath  

Focus on the interplay between the sounds
their gentle rhythm and pulsation, their harmony and dissonance 
as they move, grow and fade 

Recognize their deep connection with breath 
and know that the pattern and the motion of your breathing 
is intertwined with that sound and they can travel together 

Within a leaf, the water comes slowly through the roots
and extends to every cell with a stream of life and light

Imagine that the sounds and your breath are becoming a similar stream
its current, your prana, your vital energy vibrating in tandem 
and following a path of light through your centers of energy 

Gently awaken every cell in your body 
as vibration is set in motion, carrying sacred sound 
to all parts deep within your inner being and soul
Rest within this grounded space that is never changing
solid, yet fluid to the moment

Keep a connection to this space

Use it and your breath returning as a root grounded
as you expand both upward again through your diaphragm's breathing 
allowing the stream to flow by 
into and out of all points of your central nervous system 

Each center vibrates with the sound as your breath passes 
with a circular energy spiraling upward

In the top temple of your mind imagine you see a painting
of yourself and the space around you 

With a gentle stroke of your hand
begin to move any colors of distraction
and push aside these feelings of disturbance
anger or pain

With your minds eye
find an untouched white space on the canvas 
Using your soft breath 
direct the vibrations into this space
of purity and light

As you follow in the light 
your mind's path, the sound vibration and your breath are one 
As the warmth of the sound envelops you, be nurtured by the sounds immersion
Feel the vast emptiness of the space you are entering 
It, the space of infinite clarity and potential  
It's a space of emptiness but it is not void 
it is complete, and you are within this space 
Delve deeper
Be with each moment

Continue to follow a pathway into this space 
and become aware of a pure blue lapis reflection 
emanating in the sky above as it reveals itself  

Visualize this blue healing energy that travels in all directions 
as it enters your mind and down to your heart 
and back along the energy centers of your body 
that you have now set in motion as receptors for healing

As you visualize this light 
realize it is the sound's reflection 
of the light's color

With your body resonating in harmony
project to this place of infinite light
and center to the most inner space of your being

Your sacred sounds amplify 
the energy that is yourself 
You create a flow of healing 
within and from your heart 
that expands outward 
to all that is in the space around you

You can direct the vibrational energy
to any part of your soul, your body, your consciousness
and all sentient beings

As you are now aware and awake 
to this never ceasing river of healing energy 
it leaves an imprint of an organic circuit of light
that you can connect to at any time and place 
and use with healing intent for yourself and all who you encounter

Rest and relax within this place

Rest and relax within this place

© daniel lauter

The First Rays Of The Sun

The First Rays Of The Sun



There is a magical place 
where the first glimmering rays of sunlight 
shine through tall trees 
of the forest

On a path common to many
but known only by those who see
and gentle creatures of the wild

Allow yourself to softly
transport to this path 

Slowly breath in the
glowing mist of dawn air
Breath out with warm intentions

The motion of stillness
mindful of each breath
filling you deeply 
within your diaphragm
and centers of energy 
as it expands and comes inward again
sustaining steady feelings of tranquility

As you continue to breath
you become aware
of a small circle of light
in the depth of darkness 
in sight of your present path

you hover 
turning into mist
and enter a passageway

Ambient light sparks candles 
drifting from the moon soaked ground 
glistening translucence
auspiciously nurturing
You gaze into it with infinity

You have entered 
the tree of life
a tributary
all knowing
a path
of wisdom
of emptiness
of fulfillness

Within this place you can see
into the never ending 
Relax in the chambers of its ambience

You pause to play with the light
it enters your minds eye
illuminating smiles of gratitude
and freedom

it is immersive
as it paints 
intricate impressions
natural imprints of beauty
purifying your spirit
of any feelings of tensions
or illusionary stress

Your breath stretches through
the imagined tips of your body
expanding your ultimate potential
As your walking form reappears

The wind gently flows from outside
channeling the mystique of songs 
that enter the space 
between you 
and the walls of eternity

You hear and feel vibrations
internal dimension
translating synapsis
calming fluidity
it moves to your heartbeat

Its sublime melody turns
darkness into vibrant light
centering all directions
allowing deep balance
within your inter being

Pulsing, breaths 
orbs of energy
travel beside you
glowing with warmth
illuminating your path 
pumping  rhythms of joy
They dance within your natural state

As the sun begins to rise
so too becomes the manifestation of it in you
your light grows
spontaneously creating
reaching outward 
in omni directions
activating light forms 
Sages from the entirety of time

They accompany your travel
as you move beyond
into the soul 
of the warm earth
its inner chambers 
each layer 
dissolving into the next
through to the center
to the core within

You feel your prana flowing
pulsing with each step
as you connect 
deeper and deeper 
into the root of compassion
Abundant and giving
the wealth of all wealth

Uplifted, joyful
your heart is filled 
with life, awakened 
as it grows in strength, 
fed by streams of consciousness

They pour outward from you
carrying blissful currents 
of electric ions in spiral motion
You become all sentience

Light beams 
in threads of golden leaves
deep blue is the sky
vibrant red pulses
carry offerings of sweet ambrosia
Breathe in the moment
gentle soft long breaths
Breathe out mindful awareness

Just beyond
surfaces a ridge of sculpted stone
revealing a spacious, glowing, serene, expanse
Your focus becomes its opening
Fill your breath 
with its nourishing presence
Deeply relax
in its floating plains
As the stillness of time enters you
with serene abandon

Your worldly eyes
close for moments
and you begin to see
beyond it's many lands 
the center of the earth 
and the far reaches of the universe
Both are your refection

As you gaze beyond 
You see clear glass images
gentle heartbeats 
of divine memory
mirrors of all who have lived before
In this reflects the future
and all present beings 
the cycle of sentient ways
bestows Infinite wisdom
upon your memories 

Ground yourself in this immersion
Continue with deep slow breaths
Know that all that inspires
your true aspirations
is now awakened and
illuminates the vast expanse
ready for your empowerment

The path to the opening
begins to grow beautiful emerald green moss 
Sweet earth
You lay down 
to deep states of peace 
Your material body begins to dissolve 
into the brilliance of the colors 
Symbiotic nourishment of your soul
and all that is

As your body rests
your visual mind soars in all directions
As the light from a thousand suns
gently bathes your aura
your potential becomes realized
You close your eyes and imagine the color
which has now grown to a brilliant red
within your third eye
empowering, cleansing negativity and obstacles 

As it changes to golden rays 
you feel abundance  
growing in your heart
bright beaming 
golden fire 
beating within
forming white hot glowing streams 
of healing energy
overflowing serenity

The first rays of the sun 
have entered the earth through your heart
That which contains all love 
and extends sight and compassion
beyond your eyes
They create the light vibration
which feeds all beings
chords within each other
that radiate in harmony

Imagine these in a symphony, a
duality of light and sound
passing through your inner self
deep below the surface of time
deeper inside the mindful inner shell of 
your outer existence
providing grounding columns of knowing
masters to navigate uninhibited matter

You see colors float through
seas of luminescent mirrors 
primordial liquid 
veins of tranquility
slowly nourishing
flowing with the secrets
of life itself

Transmitting healing
to yourself and
to all beings
you gently stroke 
your outstretched hands
reaching upward to the surface 
and inward to this place of beauty

You have become the essence
of your natural self
Breathe gently
savoring each moment
relax into its calm

The earth breathes you
you have breathed into the earth
The pendulum is complete
sketching song lines
of never ending stories 
sung with plurality 
by fields of morning doves

it is moments from dawns renewal
The forrest is aware of your presence
The earth is aware of the forrest
Your true nature is aware of the earth
A natural circle is born
of wisdom
and simplicity 

Allow yourself to call upon this
as you move beyond the sunrise

© daniel lauter


Your Calm Eyes

Your Calm Eyes



The sun disappears beneath the horizon
on the far edge of an ocean 
transcendent energy
Its bright orb evolves 
into a lush plume of color 
against the sky 
Your beauty is that color 

It glows 
through a prism called daylight 
transforming shades of contrast and mood
through merits of joy
Your heart reflects
compassions potential
beating in polyphonic oneness 
with all sentient beings
paying homage at days end to
the last rays of the sun
as they project tranquility
upon the hemisphere of trees

The night moves closer
evenings shadow
but you rest now 
on twilights edge
in the soft haze of      
a soon distant day

Close your eyes
imagine you are floating
In the very space you sit or lay
the material that surrounds you
its structure becomes void of form
dissipating into the realm of sublime emptiness

Words, discussions, distractions, obligations, 
encountered today float in a similar manner
but they too have no substance
Just passing thoughts in 
a masquerade of illusions 

You begin to feel a sense of inner light
emanating from your vibrant and now buoyant heart 
Your heart glows with this light as it too floats
freed from attachment to unclaimed emotion

The days negative and positive associations
appear as well but they too float away
turning pages in a circular story 
this moment, present
balance restored
your energy renews

As your body and mind drift gently in the void
you begin to hear the song of all sacred sound
chanted by a thousand Buddhas 
sung in harmony by arc angels
recited by all the prophets
composed with the light
that illuminates total darkness

You watch as their collective hands weave
infinite shawls of comforting wisdom
with the golden threads of light
They beckon you to receive their gift 

You comply taking solace under a healing shawl
that appears like wings
Sweet, soft, strong, fluid like nectar
which rest upon your shoulders
its touch creates a current that nourishes your life energy
As you breathe draw it closer 
It's warmth is like no other
Total immersion

Vibration shines in all direction
pulsing harmonic embrace
through your atomic levels
Into and out of all existence
healing within you and beyond your body

Reflections of radiance return
aligning pathways of knowing
Ambient recognition 
of your natural self 
that exists within the tapestry 
and beauty of all sentient beings

The wind returns to the ocean
carrying the days allure
Your calm eyes open 
to the tides of twilight

© daniel lauter

The Anticipation Of Morning

The Anticipation Of Morning



The anticipation of morning 
Vibrant arrays of sunlight drift
into the palms of your hands, renewed

Songbirds echo its presence
as you receive sweet melody 
Breathe gently 
its pulse embraces the beat 
of your near sleeping heart

Your presence awakens
from the rhythm of night
as you lay, within the void
Stretch your mind 
through the crystal clear stillness 

Imagine your hands form a bowl of light
just above your center of gravity
it floats effortlessly within the emerging sunlight
beckoning the moonlight to its next moment

Focus on the warm glow within your hands
emanating,  translucent 
This bowl is both giver and receiver
it nourishes and joins with your life energy
Bring its healing into your inner being
using deep, gentle, expansive breaths in
Release similar slow focused breaths out 
with healing intent
into the center of your still cupped hands

Visualize it forming a sacred spiral 
gently expanding and contracting
that fills and un-fills the space around you
creating intricate patterns of butterfly wings
that soar out into the dawn
floating carefree upon the winds
Your mind follows 
freed from constraint
exploring lifelines
on the hands of wisdom.

Your body is blissful
still between states
of sleep and illusion
You close your eyes
just for another moment
wakeful to the potential
of each new breath

In your minds eye
you see that the emanating warmth 
is now a spiraling light and forms
a beautiful sphere of vibrant color
encompassing the entire horizon
within a crystalline portal
where you can see your infinite path 
in the circles of life
You take comfort knowing of this place.

Continue slow long breaths
into and out of your diaphragm 
the deep breathing muscle
As the patterns of color 
contract and expand 
you direct your breath 
to form a helix with the light
sending pulses of healing energy
directly through the center of the spiral 
connecting all points
within all sentient beings
on your inner meridian.
All paths within one path

You are recharging 
clearing any obstacles you face
dissipating delusions that may intervene 
The pulse of vibrant color has now made
An axis clear into the center of the earth
back up through you and outward to all realms
pausing below to create
the most grounded place
at your deepest center of energy
a gift from yourself
to use as you view your encounters of this day 
which you have lived before in the dreamtime

© daniel lauter 

Blue Flower Meditation

Blue Flower Meditation

Blue Flower Meditation

This is a nice and calming way to develop inner site, to be able to see beyond an object for meditative purposes, and begin to perceive the concepts involving self, emptiness and inter being.  

Blue flower combines conscious breathing with the healing potential of infinite blue light.  We also use the visual object of a flower to focus away from visual chatter and distraction to be aware of emptiness and stillness. which manifests through vibration. 

This guided meditation is based on a traditional shamatha meditation, is a calm abiding practice.

** please see Experience / Meditation Workshops / Visual Images section of this site for Blue Flower image  

** we begin by inviting the bowl to sound, 


gazing into the stillness of a simple blue flower

allow it to appear in your inner vision.

then soften and partially close your eyes


gently drift into its calm 


the blue flower represents the color of space,  

the blueness of the flower, emptiness,


the origin of all things.


Take a deep breath in and a relaxing slow breath out

Hold this flower, the object of our meditation clearly in your mind,

as you breathe in


As you breathe out feel waves of compassion

returning to the flower from your heart


Let the image of the flower in your mind be free of any conceptualization:

good or bad, light or dark, big or small, wavering or steady, etc.

don't obsess with thinking “blue flower”

Simply be aware of it and be with the color, the simplicity,

allow the image to rest in your vision.

It is not any particular kind of flower, just a simple blue flower.


If your mind drifts off into daydreaming,

gently bring it back to awareness by looking at the blue flower.

You may need to do this a few times to keep it in your vision.

It is natural for the mind to wander at first.

If you notice, be aware, imagine the imprint of the image in your mind,

bring it back and be present once more.


be with the color, 

allow the image to rest in your vision

as you gently breathe in and slowly breathe out


Blue is the color of sky, and water

it is a color that can have deeply relaxing qualities.  

With each breath in imagine the color accompanying your breath

Breathe awareness of the color to your shoulders

Let your shoulders relax,

Breathe awareness of the color to your neck,

face, jaws and any areas of tension,

Let these areas relax as well


continue to visualize the blue flower  

gently grounding into the calm abiding space you have created

Begin to bring the breath deeply into your belly,


With each breath in allow the blue to fill your insides,

expanding into the water you are made of,

and the air within your skin,

it slowly becomes immersive

you feel its warmth.


With each breath out imagine that you are sending blue color outward,

surrounding your body.  


Let this same immersive blue surround your friends In the room

with feelings of unconditional love and compassion.  

Feel your heart vibrating with the blue color.


Gently breathe in, and with each breathe out

imagine your extended family and all beings receiving this same blue


Let the blue color become your reflection

Let go of the quality of self

You have no boundaries but the infinite 


Continue to focus on your breath

imagine you and the color are one continuous breath


Begin to let go of the idea that you are looking at a blue flower,

or any object, just rest your eyes on the blue.


Let go even of the quality of blue or even the idea of blueness.


Let go of any conceptuality whatsoever and just gaze into blue,


Your mind starts to quiet in this space


Imagine that the boundaries of your mind

and the boundaries of the flower are both beginning to dissolve. 


Imagine that the boundaries between your body,

that which you perceive as self and the blue are also now dissolving,


Through that dissolution try to look beyond the blue for a few moments

to an area of emptiness where the blue is just calming,

healing color, the origin of all color.


Sense within this emptiness a soft clear blue light

Feel the vibration of this light within you and within the blue flower


This vibration creates the motion of all matter on a deep atomic and molecular level,

and is the nature and connection of all things referred to as inter being.


allow the color to permeate inside and outside, flowing with your life force, your prana. 


Visualize the expansion of you as a vibrating being


Notice the calming and emptiness within all sensation,

feel the connection and inter being of all elements in the universe and beyond,


connect as you vibrate sympathetically and in harmony. 

Infinitely expanding in all six directions, north, south , east, west,

up to the infinite blue sky

and downward through your inner being

reaching all that is.


Continue to breath in and breath out

Look beyond, into the expanse

imagine the atoms of each molecule

as they too vibrate and pulse,

smaller and smaller particles,

each with emptiness inside,

all matter simultaneously dissolving,

inter being, connected in this way.


Look deeply within,

It is here where your life force, your prana generates

Allow this energy to begin to spiral.  

Let it weave within the blue

Allow this color to also begin to gently spiral.


Visualize the healing nature and color of the blue flower,

which is now residing in tandem with you.  


See the spiral as a helix within

the re-appearing image of the flower

residing in tandem with you

an imprint of beautiful calm abiding


Picture this spiral as it re manifests

The illusion of your body and self. 

Feel the calm nature of this reciprocity

as your physical form begins to reappear.


Continue breathing in a relaxed manner

as the calming winds

of stillness

move within the pedals


rest and relax within in this place.


                                                                                                                                                                                    this version's arrangement © daniel lauter


Waterfall Dreaming

Waterfall Dreaming


Waterfall Dreaming (use crystal gong, or Tibetan bowl, rainsticks on App)


Waterfall Dreaming is a calm abiding guided meditation that helps to become aware of the rushing of thoughts,

as you gently watch them transform from waterfall, softening to river, slowing to pond. This is the first three

levels of Waterfall Dreaming, there are seven.



We begin by being in a comfortable position

allow yourself to relax into the thoughts of serene nature


Imagine you are sitting in the vortex of a small waterfall,

a silent place in the midst of activity


It is a safe spot, one that allows you to breathe freely

and drift into the moment

where the fastness of life is balanced by awareness

of all that is around you


you take a deep breath in and a sense of calm begins to enter your mind

your body feels the mist of the rushing water nearby

falling ions gently charging your skin and central nervous system

the air is pure


you look out over the horizon and see a great expanse

where the waterfall meets the edge of realism

you sense the infinite nature of this edge

with each gentle breath in and slow breathes out

begin to expand the nature


Continue breathing, this time slowly releasing the air

sending currents of thought from the surface of your mind

deep breaths in, and slow longer breaths out


begin to become aware of the pattern of your thoughts.

at first you hear them as rhythm, sometimes flowing, sometimes random,

sometimes chaotic, sometimes filled with wonder


let these thoughts simply appear

they become like the waterfall

flowing by you, making an impression

but not staying, you see them, you hear them

you know them for a moment

and then they disappear to feed the mist once again

imagine this with each passing thought 


your eyes are softened

but your inner vision becomes heightened

every now and again you see

water droplets, falling, suspend in air


you see each one clearly

as if their motion is slowed

beautiful shapes, shimmering with sunlight

they catch the sound waves from the wind


you look deeper, into the center of each drop

you see the reflection of yourself

resting in stillness


beyond the center

you vision the origin of this water

the connection of each drop

and the direction it has traveled to be here with you


it carries a simple message

a state of (inter) being

its purpose in nature

and your relation

to this same purpose


feel the stillness 

breathe and smile into the waterfall




by now some of the water has

landed near you

forming paths

where the energy is set into motion

once more


you gaze into this path

the collective energy of each droplet

has merged to form a river


as you breath in the river breathes with you

as you breath out the river expands

allow yourself to feel the inter being of this river

and the water and your self


the river is your life energy

fed by the sun

charged by the air

enchanted by the surroundings

tuned by the sounds of the waterfall


as your mind focuses on the river

the passing thoughts begin to slow

you still see them

but they are floating

quietly dissolving


yesterdays thoughts

an hour ago's occurrences

you judge them less now

their importance, once seeming valid

diminishing as your breath moves slowly

with the awareness of the river's flow

replaced by a sense of inner calm

a restful pause in the daily routine


you breathes gently with this moment

relaxing your body with each breath in

calming your mind with each breath out


sense the waterfall transforming


continue to breath in this manner 




you are one with the river


currents matching

flowing with stillness

energy recharging


Visualize your friends as tributaries

you vision where the rivers meet

imagining reflections 

on the edges of the water


you see all moments

as blissful moments


the rivers form a small pond

rainbows glow within the reflection

connecting from the water to the sky


you go deep into this pond 

grounding into the earth

feel the inter being

breathe in its wisdom

breathe out with compassion


as you rest

your awareness rises

infinitley into the air above

where you hover

expanding your senses

in all six directions


north, south, east, west, upwards, downwards


breathe in this connection

breath out with awareness of this connection


the pond rests above you 

and below you

you are a perfect sphere

within it

the pond rests beside you

the water feeds your heart

your hands are open

like a buddha

breathing gently


Feel your hands

begin to radiate with light

pulsating with ambient beats


listen to the sounds

as they immerse your soul

on an atomic level

every molecule

vibrating, resonating



the water floats through you

the edges of the pond begin to dissipate

dissolving the current

illusion of the moment

all is emptiness

all is stillness

just be 

here now


you rest in this place

                                                                                                                                                                                                        © daniel lauter

Clear Blue Sky Meditation

Clear Blue Sky Meditation

BLUE SKY MEDITATION                                                                                                    
© Daniel Lauter 2015


A guided mindfulness meditation with intent to awaken our life force and

compassionate hearts, and become aware of our true nature.


Allow yourself to be in a comfortable position, shoulders, neck, relaxed

Your jaw, teeth, upper back, all starting to relax. Any areas of tension,

your hips, your feet, all releasing any excess or clinging energy.


Take a nice breath in, with the pure air we are blessed with,


As you breathe out imagine seeing your breath float.  

Watch as it expands into the sky.


Soften your eyes, slightly closed but still aware


Allow your vision to fill your eyes with wonder like when you were a child, or a cat.


Begin to feel perhaps a deeper sense of your surroundings as you calm your breaths in,

gentle longer breaths out


Bring your hands together and briskly rub them together for a few moments.

This wakes up both your physical and your vibrant body.


Start to feel a warmth glowing in the center of your palms.

Focus on that warmth as you breath. Smile at the warmth.


Separate your hands and then slowly begin to move them closer to each other

in the shape of a sphere but without touching, 


Imagine a deep healing blue light inside your hands, 


Focus on the energy inside your hands

As you get to within a few inches, an inch,

a half inch you begin to notice

A very subtle magnetic push and pull between both palms.

This is your vital pure energy, some people refer to it as your life force, or chi or prana.


If at first you don't feel it, you can go back and forth rubbing your hands again for a moment

Then begin to quietly focus your mind

On the energy between your two hands

It's warmth, as you form the sphere again and your hands get closer and closer together, still slightly apart


Bring your palms to just over your eyes

Take a deep breath in and a longer breath out,  releasing all stress

Melting away, with each breath in and out,  gently melting away the tension

Rub your hands together again, this time

Bringing your palms just above your heart

Experience the warmth of compassion for yourself

Breathe in this compassion

Breath out and imagine rays of all colors extending from your heart out to all beings

Imagine these rays being sent back to you in your heart, creating a circle of compassion.


Move your hands around the edge of the sphere

Begin to envision this sphere in your third eye, your wisdom eye

Open your hands and slowly release the energy ball up to sky


As we invite the sound of this beautiful bell

imagine that the ball is floating up to the sky with the waves of the sound

Soften your eyes again and listen to the bell

quietly follow the sound until it is almost imperceivable


Imagine your energy sphere finding a peaceful part of the blue sky

as it begins to hover and it nestles into this comfortable spot in the

sky above


Relax your hands by your side.

Begin to draw your attention to the image of yourself

With each relaxing breath in and deeper breath out

your energy is connected with a place of clear blue sky


Continue breathing in the stillness for a few moments


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